One of the first myths about plumbing is the erroneous notion that all you need to know is that the hot goes on the left, cold goes on the right, and sewage runs downhill.

Actually, plumbing is much more involved than that. But because there is so much to know about plumbing, there is also so much that people get wrong about plumbing, and it’s important for homeowners to separate the facts from the fiction.

So here is a list of six of the common myths about plumbing:


1.Lemons clean your garbage disposal!

This oft-repeated notion is an absolute myth. While grinding up a lemon peel in your garbage disposal might make it smell better for a brief time, there is no truth to the idea that lemons actually clean the garbage disposal. Not to mention, lemon peels wreak absolute havoc on your disposal.

A disinfectant soap and warm water and a large handle brush is the best way to clean a garbage disposal. Be sure to disconnect the disposal from its power source before using the brush, though.


2.Plumbing fixtures do not need to be maintained

This myth can cause extensive expenses over time. Clogs can build up in pipes. Tree roots or other obstructions can happen in the lines outside the house. Inside the house, leaks that go unnoticed or ignored, slow drains and other issues can become serious and expensive problems.

Homeowners should regularly inspect plumbing fixtures inside and outside of the home, and those plumbing fixtures that homeowners cannot inspect on their own should have a professional look at them periodically.


3.Plumbers are not highly skilled

With modern construction, all the different materials and fixtures in use now, a plumber has to be a highly skilled individual to maintain and repair plumbing systems. From the specialized tools to understanding systems and being able to deal with unique problems, plumbers in the modern market are highly skilled and qualified individuals.


4. A leaky faucet is no big deal

A slow leak is an easy thing to ignore, but over time it will increase your water bill and could damage or stain your sink. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, and there’s every expectation that as long as the leak persists it will create more trouble down the road.


5. Ice cubes sharpen a disposal’s blades

This is not true. But ice cubes do help to clean the blades of a garbage disposal. Which brings us to another myth, egg shells cannot go down the garbage disposal. This is not true. Like ice cubes, egg shells can also help to clean the blades of a garbage disposal.

But before putting egg shells or lemon peels down a garbage disposal, you need to verify that your disposal is powerful enough to accept these items.


6. Flushable wipes are “flushable,” right?

Actually, no. Though they are marketed as flushable wipes, they are creating terrible problems for some homeowners. Even though these wipes are marketed as “flushable,” they are not biodegradable and should not be flushed.