Sewer Line Repair and Sewer Line Replacement

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

What is a sewer line?

The sewer line is the pipe that connects your home to the city sewage system, removing wastewater from sinks, tubs, toilets and showers out of your home. Wastewater flows through the pipe and into an underground septic tank or the municipal sewer. If the pipe is compromised, wastewater has nowhere to go and may require a sewer line repair or replacement.

Sewer line main problems

There are several warning signs that may indicate it is time to replace your sewer line, these include:

Pooling Water- If you detect water pooling in your yard, it may indicate a sewage line issue. Soil around the sewer pipe will eventually become saturate if a leak is present. This may mean wastewater is backing up in your yard and should be dealt with immediately.

Sewage Smell- Sometimes a sewage smell may emanate in the home. When this occurs, the most likely cause is a damaged sewer line. Once the sewer line is replaced, the smell will quickly dissipate from the residence.

Slow Drainage- A clogged drain may lead to a single fixture draining slowly and is a common occurrence. However, when multiple fixtures begin to drain slowly, this indicates a deeper issue at hand. If all of the home’s fixtures are draining improperly, you could be encountering a sewer pipe issue.

If you suspect your sewer line isn’t functioning properly, do not hesitate to contact an experienced plumber as soon as possible. The sooner the leaking wastewater can be attended to, the less likely you are to encounter mold, bacteria or fungi from accumulating inside your home or on your property.

Causes of sewer line damage

There can be several causes of damage to sewer lines. Clogged pipes may occur when anything other than human waste and toilet paper are disposed of via the sewer line. Flushing feminine products, paper towels or wrappers of any kind can clog the sewer line, as can disposing of cooking oils or grease via the kitchen sink. Avoid clogging sewer pipes be being mindful of what you dispose of through the sewage pipes.

Unfortunately, there are a few factors that are out of a homeowner’s control that may lead to damaged sewer lines. Extreme temperatures can cause damage to pipes, particularly cold weather that may freeze pipes. Frozen pipes can burst under pressure due to the expansion of ice. Similarly, tree roots may grow into or wrap around sewer lines, causing pipe to break or clog. Trees are attracted to water and if a small sewer leak is present, tree roots may grow towards the leak, further weakening or breaking the sewer line. Lastly, age may be a contributing factor to sewer line damage. Over the course of time, corroded pipes may occur due to erosion from calcium or magnesium buildup caused by the normal wear and tear placed on the sewer line. Over time, this erosion leaves the pipe susceptible to cracks and leaks.

Sewer line repair and replacement tips

If you’re dealing with slow drainage or detect a foul smell coming from your plumbing, sewer line damage may be the cause. There are a few repair options that can be used to address the sewer line clog or leak. These include the traditional method of digging up a sewer pipe, as well as trenchless sewer repair. At Arrowhead Plumbing, we overwhelmingly recommend trenchless sewer line repairs and replacement, as a cost and time effective method. This option does not require digging on your property and utilizes a video camera within the sewer line to detect and diagnosis sewer line issues. Once the problem is determined, there are several trenchless repair options available, including:

Pipe Bursting Repair- This method allows for replacement of an old or worn out sewer pipe. Commonly used in urban settings, this method causes minimal ground disturbance and does not require closing the sidewalk or street surrounding the area. Entry and exit points are dug along the pipe path, then a cone shaped bursting head is sent through the old pipe. Hydraulic power is used to break apart the old pipe, while simultaneously inserting a new pipe, typically comprised of high density polyethylene. Once the new pipe is in position, the entry and exit pits are restored at the surface level.

Pipe Lining Repair- This option does not require pipe replacement or excavation of any kind. Pipe lining repair installs a new pipe liner inside of an old pipe, extending the life of the pipe by 50 years or more. The liner works by protecting against aging and corrosion, restoring flow capacity and preventing infiltration. Trenchless pipe lining is less expensive and disruptive than digging up and replacing outdated pipelines. With this method, a liner is cured into place inside the old pipe by the use of thermosetting resin, inflation and hot water or steam. Once the resin cures, a jointless, smooth pipe line forms inside of the outdated sewer line.

Sewer Line Replacement- If a full sewer line replacement is necessary, it will require digging up the old sewer line entirely. This process my include traditional excavation or trenchless, depending on how the sewer system is situated. A full inspection will be necessary to determine which sewer line replacement option is viable. Most plumbers and homeowners prefer trenchless sewer replacement, as it is less invasive, quicker and often more cost-effective than traditional sewer replacement that requires extensive digging.

Managing a compromised sewer line must be done quickly and effectively, to avoid potential health risks and property damage that backed up sewage can cause. The professionals at Arrowhead Plumbing are experts at handling sewer line repairs and replacements. We are pros at diagnosing the sewer line issue, recommending time and cost effective solutions and delivering on the sewer repairs or replacement.

Here For your Lawrenceville Sewer Line Repair and Sewer Replacement Needs

If you’re faced with a sewer line emergency or have related sewer line questions, please contact the specialists at Arrowhead Plumbing. We will work tirelessly to provide affordable, efficient sewer line solutions. Call today for your free sewer line repair or replacement estimate, utilizing our high-quality, efficient, cost-effective sewer line services.