Water Line Repair

Water Line & Water Main Repair

What is a residential water line/water main line?

The water line, otherwise referred to as the water main line, is the system that delivers water from the city or township’s public water supply to your home. The water line is typically run underground and located beneath the lawn. The water line is an essential component to any residential structure, as it supplies the water you use on a daily basis.

Having some basic knowledge relating to water line repair/replacement is beneficial for any homeowner or property owner. There are a few key points worth noting that will help you detect water main problems. Identifying water line issues early on can save homeowners the headache and cost of excessive plumbing repairs.

Common water line /water main problems

Over time, problems may develop that require a water line repair or replacement. This is a job that is best left to a reliable professional plumber. However, spotting plumbing issues as they begin to pop up can alert you that it may be time for a water main repair or replacement.

Nothing is worse than a clogged drain. While this is a very common issue and typically easy to address, it may signal an issue with the water line if multiple drains clog at the same time. Several clogged drains may indicate a deeper problem with the water line, such as a clog in the line that affects multiple drains at once. Similarly, if the entire house is experiencing low water pressure, water main repair might be necessary. Low water pressure at one sink, shower or bathtub is usually due to a problem with that particular fixture. Yet, if the entire home is experiencing low pressure, that is a serious problem. Whole home drain clogs and low pressure can indicate a clog or other issue with the water line. When the water main clogs, the system has to work overtime to deliver water, which diverts water pressure elsewhere. If you begin experiencing any of these issues, it is best to contact a plumber who can assess the situation.

Detecting plumbing leaks in your water line

Water pressure issues may stem from a clog, but they could also be caused by a leak. One of the biggest signs of a water leak is when water begins to pool and puddle in your yard. When excessive amounts of water flood the soil, mud and puddles will eventually form. The more water you notice, the more excessive the water main leak likely is. If you are experiencing a water main leak, you may also notice a sudden onset of pests entering your home. Insects are drawn to moisture, so if a leak has occurred, you’ll notice bugs both inside and outside of your home. While pest issues don’t always signal a water line issue, if a sudden infestation occurs and you’re also experiencing clogged drains or low water pressure, you will almost certainly need a water line repair or replacement. Another sign of a water line leak is water that is discolored, smells or tastes strange. Water main leaks can allow contaminants such as dirt, metals and debris into your water. Discolored water flowing out of multiple fixtures can signal the need for a water line replacement. Don’t delay it contacting a water main technician if you are experiencing discolored water, as it can be unsafe to drink and bathe in.

Water line repair & replacement tips

If a water main leak is detected, it is crucial to address the issue as soon as possible so further damage does not occur. Here are a few water line repair and replacement tips that will save you from both damage to your home or property and expensive repairs:

  • Select a full replacement if serious concerns are present. If the home is over 50 years old or you’ve been experiencing plumbing issues for a while, a full replacement may be more cost effective than trying to repair the water main leak.
  • Trenchless pipe replacement is an option. This technology is gaining popularity as it allows for a water main to be replaced without a trench needing to be dug within the homeowner’s yard.
  • Be sure you request a utility inspection before any digging occurs. This inspection is necessary and will inform the plumbing professional of any underground hazards.
  • Do not attempt to repair or replace the water line on your own. Working with a plumbing expert will save you both time and money.

Water line problems are a huge deal and something that can become a larger issue if not dealt with immediately. For help understanding your water main issues, contact the experts at Arrowhead Plumbing. We will answer any questions you may have and can help to identify and address your water main problem, or any other plumbing needs, quickly and effectively.