The holidays are here already, and the guests are arriving soon. We all know the holiday preparations will keep us very busy, and one of the least considered issues is a messy, obstructed toilet. It is a frustration of homeowners how quickly the holiday parties will contribute to the dilemma with the present, meal-consuming guests. The reality is that the overflowing toilet can cause odorous damage with the inundation of possible sewage into your home. However, here are some important steps you can take to prevent a toilet clog in your festive powder room.

What can be flushed?

There are a lot of bathroom items that are noted as flushable on the packaging; however, they often contribute to the obstructed plumbing. Facial and diaper wipes, tissues, paper towels, makeup, floss, napkins, fats or oils, coffee grounds, medications, and plastics of any kind are all capable of initiating clogs that grow over time.
Here are some good choices to flush, whether you have a public sewer or septic tank. Biodegradable, recycled, or septic tank toilet paper options are the ones that are the optimal choice. The main goal is to select a version of these three options that will allow the paper to dissolve easily and protect your plumbing from blockage. The comfy, plush versions can swell during the water exposure and cause a concerning plug.

How do I know if the product is safe?

There are tests you can use to make sure that a product is safe in order to preserve your toilet functionality. Of course, it is always a good choice to hide the potentially risky toilet paper or even described products that a guest could potentially flush during the holiday visits. However, here are some ways to make sure a toilet paper brand is safe.

  1. Grab a few different brands of toilet paper and place a couple of sheets of each one in their own glass jar or clear container with a lid.
  2. Fill each separate jar for each brand with water to ½ to ¾ of the way full.
  3. Place the lid on the container and shake it up for around 10 seconds to mimic the toilet flush.
  4. After letting the water settle, take a look at the toilet paper remains in the jar. Is it shredded into miniature pieces? Are they still full and swollen with the water?
  5. Try it with each jar and compare the remains against each other. The quickest dissolving product is the best for your sewer and especially for your septic tank to preserve your pipes and toilet.

Are there other ways to make sure my toilet is functioning?

Another important step is to take good care of your toilet to protect its functionality. Busy days with the increased amount of use with all your holiday guests can certainly add the strain. Prevent huge hassles on a holiday by making sure everything is safely up and running. Here are a couple special steps you can take to make sure your personal lavatory is a well-tended, secure place of abdominal liberation.

  1. Make sure to keep your toilet shiny and clean. There are many different chemicals you can use to make sure that yucky stuff isn’t contributing to a gross build-up in the toilet and the connected pipes. Not to mention that your pretty washroom will smell clean and fresh. You can also be able to spot a leak with consistent attention.
  2. Keep an eye on your toilet’s operation. It is recommended by professional plumbers to check it all out every 6 months. Flush your toilet with the lid off to watch the process and confirm that everything is running well.
  3. Drain cleaners that help clear out a plugged drain are not safe to use on a toilet. So, make sure to protect its seals by avoiding a toilet damaging chemical. It is also a bit destructive of the good bacteria in a septic tank that breaks down the pipe-delivered waste.
  4. Own a quality plunger to free your toilet from its blockage. All you need is a little hot water and some good practice to set the nasty plug free.
  5. Finally, do not hesitate to call your plumber if the blocked toilet is not being released. We will help solve the problem and clear out the barrier that is plugging up your loo.

Following these steps will keep your holidays up and running without a yucky backflow of waste. At the end of the day, we wish you a beautifully fragrant, dry restroom for you and your holiday guests. Happy Holidays!