Having problems with your garbage disposal? There are a few factors that can contribute to a garbage disposal that may make you think that it needs to be replaced. Although, Arrowhead Plumbing can replace your garbage disposal, repairing it may be a much more cost-effective. Symptoms of a backed up disposal can include food not draining properly; standing water; disposal running, but not working; odd or bad odors coming from your sink. Our expertly trained plumbers can troubleshoot any issues you may have with your disposal, repair them, or if necessary, install a new unit. Like any other appliance, garbage disposals require regular maintenance if you want them to last.

money going down a drain

Things to Be Aware of

Beware of pretty common items that may clog your garbage disposal. Grease, whether from bacon or a fish-fry, should never be poured down your drain. Old cooking grease should be poured into jars, left to solidify, then be thrown out with your normal garbage. This keeps your disposal running smoothly and rules out any chances of that grease to clog up our freshwater systems. Hard items like animal bones, pits, or seeds should not be in your disposal either. These tough pieces can be extremely hard on a garbage disposal and it’s moving parts. Peels from fruits and vegetables should also be thrown out in the trash, as they can dull your disposal’s blades and really clog up the insides and cause some issues. As weird as it sounds, pasta and rice can harden in your disposal as we don’t always rinse down every little piece, and they can wreak havoc on your disposal. No matter how fast the blades of your disposal move, if there is stringy vegetable skins, banana skins, rinds from citrus, or potato skins, they can all clog blades up incredibly fast. Lastly, we have innocent coffee grounds, you may as well be putting sand in your garbage disposal if you’re disposing of coffee grounds this way. They are undeniably tough on the inner workings of a garbage disposal. If you’ve got problems with a clogged or non-working garbage disposal, give the plumbers at Arrowhead Plumbing a call.

Keep it Clean and Running Smooth

They say prevention is the best medicine, this is true with garbage disposals as well. Always make sure to run water, preferably cold, and keep the unit running for approximately 20-30 seconds after any items have cleared your drain. You may also want to consider grinding up ice cubes made of vinegar or lemon juice from time to time to help clean out your disposal, and help alleviate the smell. The ice cubes will help sharpen the blades, vinegar can help kill bacteria, and the lemon will help with the smell.

Your College Park Plumbers

A part of our College Park plumbing services is to engage with customers while educating them on their garbage disposal issues. Aside from providing necessary repairs, we will gladly teach you about proper garbage disposal maintenance and how to avoid future problems.

We’ve worked hard over the years to earn our reputation for providing some of the best garbage disposal repair services in the College Park and surrounding area including counties like Gwinnett, Fulton, and DeKalb. Our reputation has been gained not only through quality work but by treating our customers with respect, and like equals. Our expert College Park plumbers understand what it means to provide superior customer service.

If you’re looking for a plumbing company that serves College Park residents with the respect and dignity they deserve, look no further than Arrowhead Plumbing, where we believe, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” Our dedication comes through in each and every service call we complete. If you’re interested in more info on garbage disposals or have a plumbing emergency, by all means, give Arrowhead a call. We can save you hundreds, if not thousands by assessing the problem early and nipping it in the bud.