If you haven’t been browsing through your home and garden superstore in the plumbing fixtures department recently, you might not be aware of all the innovations when it comes to your household throne.

modern toilet in a nice bathroom

That’s right, this isn’t your father’s toilet anymore.

For as long as there have been toilet brushes, there have been homeowners praying for a self-cleaning toilet. These are now a reality. These toilets have different cleaning cycles – some that last just a minute and others that can take up to 10 minutes. The toilets hold a cleaning solution that travels through a channel and is sprayed into the bowl with jets. Cleaning cartridges last for several weeks.

These self-cleaning toilets are designed to eliminate the crevices and hard-to-clean places so that the chore of cleaning the toilet can now be as simple as pressing a button.

Environmentally Friendly

Some toilet innovations have come with sustainability in mind. Many toilet designs now use gray water from the sink to flush the toilet, reusing water for a cleaner, greener planet.

With sustainability in mind, some toilets now have dual-flush options, allowing a less water usage when flushing liquids or more water usage when flushing solids.

For the environmentally conscious, toilet flushing has always seemed wasteful. But these innovations should help to ease the conscience and keep the toilet hygienic.

Speaking of hygiene, some toilets are now touchless, so you don’t have to worry about what’s getting on your hands when you go to flush.

Other innovations have sought to make the throne a more comfortable place.

Some toilets are elongated for comfort. Some are taller than traditional toilets to make getting up and down easier.

Coming Soon to a Bathroom Near You

So whether you’re searching for eco-friendly toilets, toilets that clean themselves, toilets that know when you’re done, or just toilets that are a more comfortable place to sit for a spell, there are all sorts of innovations coming to a bathroom near you.